Use moor on encrypted databases

There are two ways to use moor on encrypted databases. The encrypted_moor package is similar to moor_flutter and uses a platform plugin written in Java. Alternatively, you can use the ffi-based implementation with the sqlcipher_flutter_libs package.

Using encrypted_moor

Starting from 1.7, we have a version of moor that can work with encrypted databases by using the sqflite_sqlcipher library by @davidmartos96. To use it, you need to remove the dependency on moor_flutter from your pubspec.yaml and replace it with this:

  moor: "$latest version"
    url: https://github.com/simolus3/moor.git
    path: extras/encryption 

Instead of importing package:moor_flutter/moor_flutter (or package:moor/ffi.dart) in your apps, you would then import both package:moor/moor.dart and package:encrypted_moor/encrypted_moor.dart.

Finally, you can replace FlutterQueryExecutor (or an VmDatabase) with an EncryptedExecutor.

Extra setup on Android and iOS

Some extra steps may have to be taken in your project so that SQLCipher works correctly. For example, the ProGuard configuration on Android for apps built for release.

Read instructions (Usage and installation instructions of the package can be ignored, as that is handled internally by moor)

Encrypted version of moor/ffi

You can also use the new moor/ffi library with an encrypted executor. To do so, replace your dependency on sqlite3_flutter_libs with sqlcipher_flutter_libs:

      url: https://github.com/simolus3/sqlite3.dart.git
      path: sqlcipher_flutter_libs

You can continue to use a VmDatabase, but you need to use the setup parameter to decrypt the database:

  setup: (rawDb) {
    rawDb.execute("PRAGMA key = 'passphrase';");

On Android, you also need to adapt the opening behavior of the sqlite3 package to use the encrypted library instead of the regular libsqlite3.so:

import 'package:sqlite3/open.dart';

// call this method before using moor
void setupSqlcipher() {
      OperatingSystem.android, () => DynamicLibrary.open('libsqlcipher.so'));