Builder options

Advanced options applied when writing the generated code

The moor_generator package has some options that control how the code is generated. Note that, in most cases, the default settings should be sufficient.

To use the options, create a build.yaml file in the root of your project (e.g. next to your pubspec.yaml):

# build.yaml. This file is quite powerful, see

          generate_private_watch_methods: true

At the moment, moor supports these options:

  • generate_private_watch_methods: boolean. There was a bug in the generator where compiled queries that start with an underscore did generate a watch method that didn’t start with an underscore (see #107). Fixing this would be a breaking change, so the fix is opt-in by enabling this option. This flag is available since 1.7 and will be removed in moor 2.0, where this flag will always be enabled.
  • write_from_json_string_constructor: boolean. Adds a .fromJsonString factory constructor to generated data classes. By default, we only write a .fromJson constructor that takes a Map<String, dynamic>.